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Living Tarot

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What Is the Living Tarot and How Does it Work?


The Living Tarot is an inter-active improvisational ritual whose purpose is to facilitate positive change through dynamic interactions between community members and the performers using the archetypes of the Tarot as a guiding structure. These archetypes (such as the fool, the empress, wheel of fortune, justice, the sun, the world) represent the full human experience. Using these symbols, David Rose dynamically interacts with the community (“audience”) collaboratine and creating unique rituals directly with them to answer their questions.

"That is the most healing, transformative, fun and
wild show I have ever seen in my life."

This powerful process allows the community to open themselves and connect with each other through their questions, problems, searching’s etc. It helps people that are isolated to feel a sense of belonging to a group of people that care about their well-being.  The community is included as participants in each reading, in essence, making them cheerleaders for each reading. These creative archetypal readings help people that are stuck in mental spirals to unwind and be witnessed fully.   Readings can uncover old patterns and help to break old self-defeating ways of being that hold us in place. In the end we all have the same questions.  So whether you ask a question or simply watch and participate, everyone leaves feeling transformed and hopeful.


The Living Tarot is a unique form of “innertainment.” This ritual is the only show that I have ever seen that is only for the audience. It is not being performed “at them,” it is “with them.” David uses local musicians that are constantly rotating to improvise soundscapes that are unique to each reading.

"I can't believe what happened... it was so amazing and perfect...
I could not stop smiling for days."

 He is a masterful channeler of the cosmic energies of the Tarot.  His unique way of embodying the cards and creatively answering the questions is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.  His compassion, humor and delicacy in dealing with deeply personal and emotional challenges are the core of how this show brings to life true healing and transformation.

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Here’s how it works. As the solo performer, David Rose, who has many years of archetypal performance experience, creates a safe environment where the audience members come up one at a time and ask questions. Each “querent” asks a question, 1-3 cards from the major arcana of the Tarot are drawn. Each card, which represents an archetype, is then acted out with an improvised soundtrack. David uses costumes, props, dance and physical interactions with the audience and the querent to create insightful and powerful answers that are ritualized into poignant, powerful and transformative dramas.


"Days later I am still processing what happened...
that was phenomenal."


This interaction is the root of the show. David explores the question through the lens of the card that was drawn.  It’s a sort of psychodrama of ritual that is both extremely powerful and honest as well as entertaining. The whole performance explores in unique ways the answers to our most intimate and shared questions. The show is ultimately about healing, love, responsibility, community involvement, compassion, listening and personal freedom. It is a truly unique endeavor.


"That reading changed my life, forever."


Each show is completely different with different questions, different answers, different musicians and instruments. In this way, many people choose to come to multiple shows. Many never ask questions. Some come 5, 6 and 7 times trying to formulate their perfect question.  It is not to be missed.  Come with your questions and be transformed!!

"That really was magic."



Where Can I See the Show?


Coming to the Pacific Cultural Center -- September 11-13  /  18-20 of 2019


Tickets: $20 on EventBrite and $30 at door

(No one turned away for lack of funds.)

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