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Evolutionary Nutrition


Date:          Thursday, May 2,  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. 

Cost:          Complimentary Seating with reservation confirmed ahead of time…..very limited seating. 

                  Please contact Paulette Suzanne for reservations or more information:  (800) 384-1784 or

                  Email:  Thank you.

Event Description:

                  *Discover the nutrition necessary for the ultimate journey of humanity’s evolution to higher consciousness.

                  *Learn about the links to radiant health….today’s “Garden of Eden” energy sources and protective forces for healing.

                  *Realize the natural healing power of your body and the nutrition required to create personal transformation.

                  Paulette Suzanne, BA, CNC, CCI, of Whole Person Health Services in Pacific Grove will be presenting this inspiring seminar. 

                  Paulette’s background includes serving thousands of clients and students for 40 years through Nutrition Counseling,

                  Naturopathic Health Counseling, Iridology, Rebirthing, Body Electronics and Mind-Body-Spirit Healing.  You will be inspired

                  by her compassion, wisdom, and deep personal commitment to the evolution of each individual and the whole of humanity.