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breathe - intone - inspire: voix (nouvelle) a new voice in Santa Cruz County


The concept of voix (nouvelle) is that the human voice has innate healing and transformative qualities. It is the "original instrument." These innate healing and transformative qualities can be accessed through humming, pure vocalization (vowel sounds), sacred syllables and even nonsense texts, if they are delivered with the right intent. Performance for voix (nouvelle) entails both the recitation of spoken texts and singing.

In this debut program, entitled breathe - intone - inspire, voix (nouvelle) will present a series of short spoken and sung pieces that promote the themes of healing, universal spirituality and global transformation through sound and presence. It is the hope of the performers of voix (nouvelle) that all who hear and participate in this performance will receive great positive benefit

pricing: $12 adults,$6 seniors and students

for more information contact Timothy W Duncan, 831-435-0426,