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Sounds of the Ocean: An Experimental Sound Bath with Purpose

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Sounds of the Ocean: an experimental sound bath with purpose


Expanding on this popular healing modality, our sound journey is designed to bring you deep into the ocean, to better understand what sound is like underwater.

We are facing a critical opportunity to reduce noise pollution in our oceans. Commercial shipping, oil and gas exploration, resource extraction, and recreational boating contribute an incredible amount of sound pollution. In some regions human noise levels in the ocean have doubled every decade for the past half century. This noise interferes with sea animals’ need to communicate, navigate and hear their surroundings.

Our sound journey will feature sounds based on recordings from deep water in Monterey Bay Canyon, just offshore from Santa Cruz. You will hear animal vocalizations, including whales, dolphins, seals and other wildlife, as well as human manufactured noise to illustrate our impact on the ocean soundscape.

Combined with live instruments representing the element of water, you will receive healing vibrations from gongs, singing bowls, the conch shell, harp, ocean drum, rainsticks and percussive idiophones such as the handpan.

Come experience the sounds of the ocean and join us to honor the element of water in this very special sound bath.

Event website:

What to bring:
Yoga mat
Water bottle
*please wear comfortable, breathable clothing*

Admission: $20-50 sliding scale by donation

This event is a fundraiser to support protection of marine mammals and their acoustic habitat. All donations will go towards the national resource defense council