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Fresh Ears

The Fresh Ears work is about awakening through sound; it is about discovering and sharing the quantum holographic simultaneity of the vibrational moment that we are always already in, together. Through meditations on sound, one-on-one exercises, gentle movement, group exercises, and deep dialogue, we create an atmosphere of profound vibrational transformation, coming into intimate conversation with the vibrational geometries of the universe we live in and have our being in.

The organic, spontaneous energy of life guides the processes as attention is directed in scientifically grounded ways - each workshop is different - a unique emanation of the fractal of the moment. It is led by Dr. Jonathan C. Hoefs, Doctorate of Musical Arts and trained council facilitator. Navigate to <a href=“”></a> for free sound meditations, a free online workshop, a free listening journal, and much more. $15 Suggested donation

Contact Dr. Hoefs for more information: (949)378-1647 or