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DownTemple with RootFlute


Please join us for a very special Cacao Somatic Sound Journey. Experience a potent subconscious journey through vast hypnotic soundscapes that carry you between dimensions of dream and day.

This will be a movement based sound healing dance event.

This somatic journey will begin with an intentional collective prayer honoring and sharing ceremonial grade Organic Guatemalan Cacao.

7:00-7:15pm Doors open/Arrival time
7:15-7:45pm Cacao prayer-blessing
7:45-9:45pm Somatic sound journey/dance
9:45-10:00pm Closing circle

It’s time for another DownTemple event at the PCC. We a very excited about our featured artist Daniel Hansen! He is a sound meditation facilitator who has offered over 115 events across the U.S. and other parts of the world such as India, Bali, and Guatemala. This highly anticipated sound healing fusion will bathe you in sacred frequencies, hypnotic rythms, and celestial harmonies as you follow your natural impulses for movement and dance.

The entire soundscape is rooted in C# Sharp 432 Hz, the Om tone of 136.1 Hz.

The RootFlute Sound Journey includes a unique collection of Hansen’s self-made multi-chamber Flutes, 38” Paiste gong, 10 Tibetan singing bowls on an elaborate foot pedal system, didgeridoo, analog synth, shakuhachi, esraj (Indian bowed instrument), soprano saxophone, plate bells, swing chimes, tuned symbols, and an array of percussion instruments. All live looped to create elaborate sonic tapestries.

Why Cacao?
Cacao “Food of the Gods” is chocolate as nature created it.
Cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years by indigenous peoples of Central and South America. A sacred gift from Earth Cacao opens the heart and unifies the energy field of the group. While creating a mild euphoric effect, Cacao also sharpens the mind keeping you alert and aware during mindful practice and sound meditation. Daniel sources his cacao directly from Mayan wisdom keepers and has received there blessing to share it with you!

Visit for more information on this amazing artist.

$15-20 cash at the door. Students and seniors $12. This is an all ages event. It is a smoke and scent free space. No shoes, no booze, no talking on the dance floor. Yes to community, creativity, connection,sacredness, and expression!

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