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Why You Don't Have Enough Money

Why You Don't Have Enough Money

There is a very clear and specific reason that you are experiencing lack in your life. Tonight I’ll address why you don’t have enough money, and all the unconscious vows, beliefs and traumas that are still holding you back from living the life you came here to live and long for.

We often tell ourselves stories of why we don’t have enough money and point the finger outward. 
Tonight we are going to lovingly and gently point the finger inward and uncover how:
Your current money situation or lack thereof is intimately connected to the fight/flight response stuck in your nervous system.

I'll walk you through this so you'll have a Felt Sense of how it relates to your own life.
And of course, what's it all worth if you don't know how to change and heal your nervous system? Well, there is and I'll give you a taste of that too.

This is going to be a rich, content filled evening with the opportunity to realize in yourSelf what is still holding you back, and how to transform that.

Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: July 25
Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga