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Come Bask in the Essence of your truest Self.

Satsang (or Sat-sanga) is a Sanskrit word that simply means to associate with Truth or Reality. It is to bask in the essence of one’s true Being. It is to realize the unwavering pure nature of your very own Self. In this sacred space, one’s greater awareness arises naturally as all that is not you falls away. What truly is you reveals Itself.  This is your true Home. This unfolds in one’s own timing, deepening one’s realization and Self-remembering. 

Rachaell Saan Ma holds a deeply peaceful and sacred space where one can easily drop into the divine presence and vast stillness of the heart. The mind will effortlessly quiet. Unconditional love and expanded awareness consumes everything. There is nothing to do but relax into Love so that Grace may have its way with you. 

Satsang offers the direct experience of the Perfect One Reality you never left. In the Light of Truth, all seeming separation dissolves away. Without this direct and continual awareness, it is all too easy to mis-perceive who and what you truly are. Appearances arising from a false sense of identity and conditioning gently fall away leaving you in a state of pure joy and Oneness that is beyond words or description. Your very existence is eternal Truth itself–unchanging and completely unaffected by anything in the appearance world, including the appearance of past and future, good and bad, ups and downs, and birth and death.

Each Satsang is unique as they arise in the present moment fulfilling the greater needs of those present. They often include some deep silent sitting, words of wisdom and humor shared, dialogue and a chance for questions and answers. One walks away feeling deep peace, true oneness and a natural joy, experiencing life and all that arises from a more expanded and truthful view.

Sunday July 22nd from 1:30-3:30 PM


$10--$20 Suggested Donation
No one ever turned away for lack of funds.

Saan Ma has spent 44 years immersed in spiritual practice and devotion to realizing truth, a wide variety of healing modalities and also teaching while in the company of masterful teachers and Self-realized ones. For the past 24 years, she has provided Satsang, public meditations, talks, retreats and weekend intensives, private sessions, taught the ancient Sacred Tantric Dance therapeutic movement and Transformational Breathwork, and initiated transformations that has helped so many come to know their essential Self.

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