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Wellspring, A Date Night for Couples

Friday, May 25th and on-going 4th Fridays



Press pause from the daily rush and to do's of daily relationship life. Drop into the wellspring of blissful love that originally magnetized the two of you, where triggers dissolve and love reigns.

Megan will guide you and your partner on a delicious journey of body, breath, movement and simple communications that will expand your appreciative presence, deepen your heart connection and rekindle your passion! You will be reminded to let go of habitual judgment and criticism, and instead welcome your partner just as he/she is. Imagine activities like eye gazing, breathing together, movement games, expressing appreciations, creating a bliss bubble, simple massage exchanges, and more like these.

When you arrive, you will make a nest together with yoga props. You will focus your attention on each other, and set your intention on upping your thermostat for giving and receiving love. 

The group setting is intended solely to provide a field of energetic support; it is not intended for socializing or conversing. You will only connect with your partner, which creates safety.  I hold this boundary firm, so if you are a social person, this may be challenging for you, but it will be soooooooo nourishing for your relationship!

After 90 minutes of Wellspring practice, you will leave feeling loved, cherished, and deeply met by your partner- energetically, emotionally and physically.

Who can attend? new couples, long-term couples, all genders and ages welcome    **Great for parents and busy couples

No experience necessary. 

Space limited.

Arrive by 7:25 to arrange your "nest." Wear comfy clothes you can easily move in. Facilitation begins promptly at 7:30. Ends at 9.

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