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Spirit X - Design Your Spiritual Practice for the 21st Century

Interested in genuine spirituality (meditation, contemplation, awakening)

yet passionate about living in the world (work, relationships, family, living meaningful life, transforming the world)? Curious about how spirituality created for the 21st century would look like?

Join Anandamali and his team in learning how to balance ancient wisdom traditions (meditation, contemplation, awakening) and the legacy of modern world (science, technology, culture, etc.) Acknowledge the full spectrum and multidimensionality of your being and Reality.

In this session Anandamali will lay down the basics of genuine spirituality for the 21st century. Practices include meditation, contemplation, relational exercises, subtle movement, utilizing the legacy of modern world for spiritual growth and transforming the world.

Contribution: $20

Anandamali is a contemporary spiritual teacher. He offers satsang, workshops, retreats, online programs and private sessions. Spirit X is his newest teaching. (

Earlier Event: June 14