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Satsang with Madhukar

About Madhukar

Madhukar is a German author and teacher in the Advaita tradition. He established the Yoga of Silence. He studied economics and philosophy, and worked in broadcast journalism before embarking on spiritual seeking. In the early eighties, made his way through Asia and studied with the Tantric-Buddhist Dzogchen-Master Namkhai Norbu, and experienced a spontaneous kundalini-enlightenment. In 1992, while staying in India, he met his master H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji), a disciple of the great sage Ramana Maharshi. With Papaji's blessing, for the last 30 years, Madhukar has passed on his knowledge in satsang (sat = truth, sangha = community). He emphasizes the harmony between spirituality and the sciences, such as physics, and sees that a life in awareness of the interconnection of all things is possible for every person. His teaching emphasizes self-inquiry with the question: “Who am I?”. When the perceived, limited reality of the ego is questioned, pure consciousness (the Self) can be experienced. Tapping into this deeper Self, absolute freedom, over-all love and silent happiness are at hand - bringing a lightness to the daily experience of regular life. 

He will be accompanied on this tour by award winning musician and teacher Adam Bauer, and the author and yogi Christine Mason. The tour is sponsored by New Earth, a retreat center for integral spirituality on the big island of Hawaii.

Being Freedom, Being Peace

An Evening with Madhukar (2 hours)

  • Opening Music (Adam Bauer & Friends)

  • Silent Sit with Madhukar

  • Stories and Conversation

  • Closing 

  • Light Refreshments, Meet and Greet

Later Event: April 24