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Movement Medicine Dance

Movement Medicine Dance: Guardian Workshop Training

March 17th 9am-6pm @PCC

Guardians are the 3rd pillar of safety for MMD spaces.  They are vetted and trained with a specific eye to energetic safety (which encompasses ALL other levels of safety).  They allow the DJ to be the DJ, while being available to the Dancers shall a need arise the dancer(s) cannot handle on their own, to answer questions and/or provide a witness or calming presence.  They are also there to ensure the energetic integrity of the space.  

This workshop will help train Souls in the way of the “Force” so they can hold safe space within any type of group setting (yoga, OM & Tantric workshops, Conscious Dance spaces, etc). We will dive deeper into the concepts of the Orientation as well as learn additional energetic tools for working with the energetic world of group settings and individuals.  We will spend 1/4-1/3 of the time around the topic of sexual energy. This workshop is open to ALL Souls - regardless of intent to be a Movement Medicine Dance Floor Guardian or not.  

For those wanting to train for MMD, there is an application and interview as well.