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Writers Journey

Laura Davis Will Help You Free the Writer Within

“I have met many [people] think they can’t be writers because their lives aren’t interesting enough to write about. This is simply untrue. Everyone’s life is mysterious, beautiful, stunning magic. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the same town your whole life or traveled around the world seven times. What matters is your ability to open up to the breathtaking and spectacular adventure that happens to be your life. Your job is to experience it, see it, feel it, live it, and write it down.”

                                           --Lesléa Newman  

If you have a writer buried inside you, but the daily demands of your life have kept you from letting her out, “The Writer’s Journey” will give you three hours a week to write, share your work, and experience the support of other writers. 

The Writer’s Journey is not a critique group in which we polish finished pieces. Rather, we use class time to create new material. We alternate periods of writing with listening to each other—not from a place of judgment or analysis—but from a place of focused attention and deep acceptance

The Writer’s Journey is rooted in writing practice, developed by Natalie Goldberg in her classic book, Writing Down the Bones. Laura brings in writing suggestions, excerpts from literature, guided meditations and exercises designed to open the channel from your heart to your head to your pen.

These workshops are designed for people who write to know themselves better, who have stories they want to tell, or who want to use writing as a daily discipline or practice. 

New students can sign up for their first month of classes at a special discount; ongoing students sign up for two months of class at a time.

Wednesdays, 9:30-12:30

A Special New Student Discount is Now In Effect: $125 for your first four classes  

Pre-Registration required

For more information, contact:

Laura Davis